Diesel 50

We offer Diesel 50 which is a low sulphur diesel that contains 50 parts per million of sulphur which is much lower than the regular diesel 500ppm. The low sulphur level enable the product to be compatible with emission control devices such as catalytic converters and diesel particulate traps designed to operate at this low sulphur level. Reduced Sulphur content result in the absence of aromatic content in diesel thus reducing the lubricity of diesel. Continuous use of diesel 50 reduces maintenance cost due to insignificant contamination of engine oil therefore service interval can be increased.


Safety Tips for fuel use and storage.

  • If you need to transport fuels such as diesel, petrol or oil, it should only be carried in approved containers.
  • Containers should never be filled right to the top. Be sure to keep the fuel away from direct sunlight and any source of ignition or heat.
  • Carry containers in the trunk of the car with the trunk propped open at least 10 cm for adequate ventilation.
  • Fuel should be stored safely. Keep it outdoors and out of the reach of children.
  • Remember to maintain all fuel-fired equipment in accordance with the manufacturer’s instruction.




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