In line with the government policy of embracing the use of renewable energy, Petrotrade has a program of installing solar energy to its various service stations. The on-going program has seen Petrotrade installing solar energy at two service stations i.e. Bindura and Mabvuku. This move will impact positively on the environment, is sustainable and would result in lower electricity costs over time.

The service station is powered by a solar system which runs all the fuel pumps and provides lighting for the forecourt, the mart, and offices. ZESA power and a diesel generator have become standby power sources in the event of failure of the solar system.

This is a remarkable milestone in that previously ZESA power was the primary source of energy to run service stations. Bindura and Mabvuku service stations have paved the way for other Petrotrade service stations to go the route of exclusive use of solar energy.

The company is also expanding  its LP Gas supplies with seven service stations (Warren Park, Chinhoyi-Mzari, Karoi, Gweru, Rusape, Plumtree and Matshobana) currently providing LP Gas services. Including LP gas in its product basket, Petrotrade believes that it will contribute towards improving lives of clients in the face of constrained electrical energy supply.