Quality Policy Statement

Petrotrade (Pvt) Ltd is a Company that supplies quality petroleum products in Zimbabwe with a view to enter regional market. It is committed to meeting the requirements and striving to exceed the expectations of our valued clients.

Unleaded Petrol MSDS

Identification of substance/preparation Unleaded Gasoline or Mogas. Use only as a motor fuel for spark ignition engines, NOT for aviation use. SHOULD NOT be used as a solvent nor cleaning agent. Company Identification PETROTRADE (PVT) LTD 100 Leopold Takawira Street...

Liquid Petroleum Gas MSDS

Identification of substance/preparation Liquefied Petroleum Gas, (LPG) Application Multi-purpose product with the applications including gaseous fuel for domestic, commercial and industrial uses; internal combustion engine; aerosol propellant; Chemical feedstock....

Automotive Diesel Oil MSDS

Identification of substance/ preparation Low Sulphur diesel / Automotive Diesel Oil Use only as a motor fuel for diesel engines which ignite by means of compression. Not for aviation use. SHOULD NOT be used as a solvent nor cleaning agent. Company Identification...

Social Responsibility

Hazards and risks management

At Petrotrade, we work round the clock controlling hazards and risks at service stations and our transport and distribution processes. This is achieved through an efficient and robust hazard and risk management system coupled with a well-coordinated disaster preparedness and emergency response plan. Well documented Standard Operating Procedures to manage this have been put in place.


Environmental performance

Petrotrade is committed to doing business in line with the concept of sustainable development. We have thus adopted Environmental impact as a key measurement of our business performance and reporting. Our environmental responsibility is a key focus across the business and is kept in check by a well-documented Environmental Policy.
We have also over the years through our environmental management programmes and sustainable business practices and continuous improvements, made some contribution in creating cleaner working environments and communities. As an example of this we have a continued commitment to supporting Local Authorities in their clean up campaigns.